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If you enjoy the realism and tactical aspects of Squad and Post Scriptum, you’ll want to keep your eyes on Beyond the Wire, a new World War 1 FPS from indie developer Redstone Interactive and published by Offworld Industries.

Announced today via a slick reveal trailer, Beyond the Wire is being developed for PC and will feature 50v50 battles “that convey the desperate & brutal circumstances of the Great War”:

Beyond the Wire is a large scale multiplayer first-person shooter immersing players in the frantic and bloody Western Front of the Great War. In battles with up to 100 real-world combatants, players will have to contend with large open maps and tight claustrophobic trenches. Utilizing both period-appropriate guns and a more tactical close-quarters melee combat system, the action in Beyond the Wire is more comprehensive than anything seen in a WW1 game to date.

The Steam page indicates that the game will have just about everything you expect from a World War 1 title such as massive maps with trench warfare, gore, historically inspired weapons, and, more interestingly, a unique melee system that features bayonet combat dependent on the weapon you’re using and player stamina.

Beyond the Wire will release this year on Steam Early Access with the developers planning for the full 1.0 release to happen in either 2021 or 2022. A closed alpha for the game is coming soon, but no specific date was provided by Redstone Interactive just yet.

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