Bible MMO Appears Unto Europe Next Week


It seems that Europe is God’s favorite continent, since that’s the first market that The Bible Online will officially be coming to.

It wasn’t all that long ago when The Bible Online was officially announced, but it seems that the game’s beta period is just about over. As a result, the religion-based MMO is set to be released on September 28th in Europe. Those players who took part in the beta will receive an in-game gift of 50 Shekels.

According to Massively, “The first round of beta testing had over 2,500 participants, and the Bible Online forums have been increasingly active. The developers seem happy with the results, because they have declared the game nearly ready for launch in Europe.”

In case you missed the initial announcement, The Bible Online is a browser-based MMO set during the days of the Book of Genesis. Players assume the role of Abraham – as well as his offspring Isaac and Jacob – during their journey to the promised land of Canaan. Gameplay consists of building villages, managing resources, and going to war.

The game is set to launch in both English and German, though there are presumably still plans to port it to other European languages in the future. If you’re really interested in checking the game out before it’s officially released, you can actually still take part in the beta until tomorrow, September 23rd (which is when the servers are due to reset). Currently, no plans for a U.S. release have been announced.

Source: Massively

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