Oooh Lionhead Studios, you’re such a tease! What could it be?

It seems Fable 2 fans are in for an exciting surprise next week. Of course, this depends on the surprise itself and what you deem to be exciting. Nevertheless, Fable 2 developers Lionhead Studios are crowing about a big announcement regarding the game to come sometime next week.

From the developer’s blog this week: “Normally, we don’t like to tease too much. You know, all this hype being generated by teasing the announcement that there will be an announcement in X-number of days. Who cares? But in this day and age where a gazillion titles are asking for your attention, I felt it might be the right thing to do on the blog. We’ve got some good news for all Fable 2 fans next week, dare I even say it’s quite a big announcement? Yes of course I dare say it’s a big announcement regarding Fable 2, next week!”

How big of an announcement is it again? Quite a big one. As always, let us now proceed to speculate wildly in the comments section below on what this “big” announcement has in store for Fable 2 fans next week. While you’re waiting to find out, don’t forget to check out Yahtzee’s Fable 2 reaming in this week’s Zero Punctuation along with Susan Arendt’s ruminations on the subject. The latter does not in fact use the phrase “carving my buttocks into luncheon meat,” but it’s still worth a gander.

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