Billionaire Icahn Invests in Take 2


Billionaire Carl Icahn has purchased 800,000 shares in Take 2 Interactive, despite the publisher’s recent scandals.

Currently the 24th richest man in North America, Carl Icahn has purchased 1.1 per cent of Take 2, prompting stocks to rise from $10.82 to $11.56 per share. According to, Icahn is known for investing in companies and then lobbying for changes which would benefit stock value.

He has invested in Take 2 at a time when the company is under heavy scrutiny by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and has received a Grand Jury subpoena. Rockstar is a part of the Take 2 group and has recently drawn more ire from parent groups for their upcoming game, Bully.

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