BioShock 2 Creator Talks About BioShock 3


Barely two days after BioShock 2 was released, the creative director is already discussing where the series may go for the next iteration.

People are already talking about where a possible BioShock 3 would be set, including the Creative Director of BioShock 2, Jordan Thomas. While many have stated that the series could travel to an even more fantastic locale than the underwater city of Rapture, Thomas is not so sure that the complete story of Andrew Ryan’s metropolis has been told.

He was asked point-blank if he thought that whole story had been told. Thomas’s response: “No.”

“I think Rapture’s a very fertile place,” he told MTV. “That said, if you follow the whole backstory, it is intricate as all get out. The amount of space within there to move around and to build idealogs gone wrong, like Ryan and Lamb, gets trickier each time you add one.” He continued:

So much of the backstory comes from the past, so on some level you’re retconning it, which you have to be very careful about. Finding areas that were untapped … periods in Rapture’s history that were not spoken that much about. That’s what we did for this game. There were utopian years here, and we wanted to tell the story of the disenfranchised even within the capitalist good times.

I wouldn’t say that we’ve told the story of Rapture. I will say that now we’ve had two very long, healthy stories in it, so that makes it more challenging for me.

So where exactly will BioShock 3 take place? “I would not presume to say, ‘Here is what happens next.’ The needs of a [BioShock] timeline extension are wrapped around whatever creative endeavor demands it.”

In truth, we’ll probably never know where third BioShock will take place, or even if it will happen, until it’s officially announced.

But it sure is fun to speculate isn’t it? My vote: BioShock 3 will take place in a BioDome in the Mojave Desert. Someone call Pauly Shore…

Source: MTV

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