2K Games has clarified the BioShock 2 DRM scheme, saying that SecuROM will only be used as a disc check but that the Games for Windows Live key will have an activation limit.

The BioShock 2 system requirements were unveiled yesterday, along with news that the retail edition of the game would make use of the hated SecuROM DRM. Exactly how it will be employed wasn’t made clear, however; would it be a relatively unobtrusive disc check or would online activations and installation limits be a part of the picture too? Turns out it’s the former – sort of.

Gamers weren’t the only one confused by the SecuROM/Steam/Games for Windows mess; even the good folks at 2K seemed to have trouble getting a handle on it. After initially making no mention of installation limits, the company revealed that the game would have a “15 machine activation limit.” That was soon changed to a five machine limit, however, the same number of activations offered by the original BioShock, which of course did not go over well with fans of the franchise.

But it was all just a big mix-up! In a follow-up forum post with a distinct tone of finality to it, 2K Games Community Manager “2K Elizabeth” wrote, “The Games for Windows Live key you get has 15 activations on it. If you reach 16, contacting Microsoft will get the key reset. (This doesn’t limit the number of computers you put the on. It is just 15 activations.) This is a number set by Microsoft. We went with this option because we wanted to go with non-ssa keys, because we felt that was better for you guys all around.”

Got that? There’s no SecuROM activation limit but there is a Games for Windows Live activation limit. Same stuff in different piles, maybe, and I have to wonder why 2K felt the need to employ both methods of copy protection. On the other hand, 15 activations should be more than enough for the average gamer; on principle it sucks, but from a practical perspective, I’m not sure it’s worth getting too worked up over.

via: Blue’s News

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