BioShock Coming To Mobile Phones


Smash hit BioShock will soon be making an appearance on mobile phones in two different flavors: A conventional 3D translation and an all-new 2D rendition of the game.

India-based mobile games publisher Indiagames is working on both versions of the game, according to a Pocket Gamer report. Video of the 3D version, which will be a straightforward port of the original game, was being shown at the Showstoppers event running ahead of the 2009 Mobile World Congress, taking place in Barcelona, Spain. Details about the 2D version, unfortunately, were nonexistent, although Sean Malatesta of Indiagames described it as “unbelievable.”

“We have two different versions: a 2D version and a 3D version, depending on the phones, and it’s gonna be outstanding!” he said. “The 2D version, even when I first thought of it, I said ‘How can you do a 2D version of BioShock?’ I’ll tell you what: Our guys and 2K have really captured the essence of the game in a 2D format. It’s really unbelievable. It obviously doesn’t look like BioShock as you know it, but it gives you the same essence. The guys are pretty proud of it.”

Malatesta added that the games are “getting close” to release, although he didn’t provide any specific time frame. And while the 2D title remains largely under wraps, the 3D version of the game is in the running for the “Excellence in 3D” award at the 2009 International Mobile Gaming Awards.

via: Ars Technica

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