BioShock For PS3 Enhanced But Unchanged


Bad news for PlayStation 3 owners: You’re going to get the same crappy BioShock ending as the rest of us.

It’s not all that terrible, really; BioShock did tail off near the end, with a conclusion that didn’t live up to the promise of the overall game, but it was less a bad ending than just not as good as it should have been. Despite that, Melissa Miller of 2K Marin, the senior producer on the PlayStation 3 version, said the studio wanted to “respect” the original game, and wouldn’t be messing around with Ken Levine’s story.

“When you get a chance to work on something that was really creative you get the temptation to redo things,” she told MTV Multiplayer. “We chose not to.”

There will be some additions to the PS3 release of the game, including a new difficulty level, exclusive downloadable content and new trophies, but the story, graphics and gameplay will remain exactly as they were in the Xbox 360 version of the game. “The things we wanted to add were things that would complement what was created,” Miller added.

BioShock was one of last year’s biggest hits, but was criticized for its endgame, which devolved into a bog-standard boss fight and simplistic game endings that failed to reflect the game’s otherwise nuanced plot and emphasis on moral choices. Levine himself admitted the flaws in an interview with Kotaku, saying he was surprised at how strongly people reacted to it. “I underestimated, way underestimated, the impact the story was going to have on people,” he said. “I didn’t realize it would change people’s perspective on what to expect from gameplay.”

BioShock for the PlayStation 3 is scheduled for release on October 21.

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