BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2 Will Take 5-6 Hours to Complete


Game director Ken Levine says that the new DLC will take 5-6 hours to complete, “for a completionist”.

One of the biggest complains players had about BioShock Infinite‘s return-to-rapture DLC: Burial At Sea Episode One, was that it was over way too quickly. Veterans of the genre could blast through the game in a couple of hours, and even completionists struggled to make it last more than four. The good news, straight from the horse’s mouth, is that Ken Levine, creative director at Irrational Games, says that Burial at Sea Episode Two will take “completionists” five to six hours to finish.

He neglected to comment on how long a regular playthrough would take your average gamer on “normal,” but we’re hopefully looking at at least three hours. Furthermore, for those of you anxiously awaiting an announcement of the DLC’s release date, Levine said “My work on it is done. But can’t give a date just yet, still more to do.”

Levine has taken to answering even the most mundane of questions over Twitter recently, so if you have something to ask him about BioShock, now’s your time! Among other interesting nuggets he revealed about the upcoming DLC was that it would change the way we looked at the original BioShock, and may even possibly return to Columbia.

While we still don’t know the release date for Episode Two, a recent trailer suggests that we’re not too far off. Ken Levine previously defending the short length of the DLC’s first episode, stating that he wanted to create “a whole new experience” rather than a lengthy one.

Is five to six hours long enough for you? The short length was what put me off buying the first episode, as I figured it would be much more worthwhile to pick them both up together and play through them in one sitting. It’s actually the way I handle most episodic games.

Source: Twitter

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