Irrational said it was waiting until next week to show off BioShock Infinite‘s gameplay, but a teaser gives us an early first look.

Irrational Games is still counting down to a public reveal of BioShock Infinite‘s first gameplay trailer on September 21, but thanks to a teaser trailer we don’t have to wait until then. The latest episode of GameTrailers contains a small amount of Infinite‘s gameplay, but just enough to have my blood boiling in anticipation.

First of all, it looks like we should expect to be knocking a lot of dudes off of the sides of Columbia’s flying structures as they scream all the way down to terra firma, as Booker DeWitt is shown doing with a rifle butt. Secondly, the game is apparently going to be filled with plenty of cool gadgets and weaponry, like DeWitt’s arm-mounted rail catcher and a steampunk hand cannon.

Enemies aren’t going to want to follow DeWitt onto Columbia’s air rails either, unless they want to get slammed off with a wrench to become a bloodstain on the side of a building. We now know that the floating city’s giant armaments may be turned upon us at various points in the game too, which is unfortunatle considering how they’re said to be able to destroy entire cities.

The teaser only contains about thirty seconds of gameplay, but it’s definitely worth seeing to tide you over. The full trailer will be released on Xbox Live and on Tuesday, and if the teaser is this good, it’ll probably be pretty sweet itself.

Source: GameTrailers

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