Irrational Games hypes its city in the sky FPS for its March 26th release.

“Where am I?” “Heaven, friend.”

The trailer opens with Booker DeWitt, the game’s main protagonist, passing through the “pearly gates” of Columbia. Festivals and fireworks surround the shiny happy people of the city in the sky, as it shows off its technological marvels and paradise lifestyle. But as DeWitt proceeds with his mission to rescue the mysterious Elizabeth, the ugly truth beneath Columbia’s perfect mask begins to show.

The latter half of the trailer is a mix of cinematics and gameplay, showing off some of the coolest new weapons and powers that will be available to the player in the third installment of Irrational Games’ Bioshock franchise. A thumping Inception-style soundtrack accompanies scenes of the player shooting bullets, fire, and ravens, as well as utilizing the “sky-hook” feature to zip around the level.

Bioshock: Infinite rises from the undersea utopia of Rapture featured in the previous games to Columbia, a city in the sky. The plot centers around DeWitt, a disgraced Pinkerton detective whose mission is to rescue Elizabeth, a mysterious girl with vast, untapped powers, from the floating city. The city is also being ravaged by tears in the fabric of space-time, which will periodically shoot players backwards and forwards in time.

The game will play similarly to its predecessors, being a FPS with RPG elements wherein players wield both guns and powers, and upgrade their weapons of choice as they see fit. Gameplay footage has shown that Elizebeth will be far from the traditional damsel in distress, offering you support in many ways, including scrounging areas for ammo or utilizing her own powers to help you in combat.

Bioshock: Infinite is currently slated for a March 26th release for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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