Songbird, Songbird, see him fly, drop the children from the sky.

Irrational’s eager to get its latest BioShock out there and, to give you a taste, it’s been putting together a mock documentary to tease you with game world secrets, before the game’s March debut. Just what is the Songbird, the latest Truth from Legend video asks, and what is its purpose?

It’s a clever take on 1980’s style docu-drama, complete with overblown ‘I must be important, I’m speaking’, host, Alistar Bloom. The first one in the series was more of an introduction, giving you a taste of what made Columbia the floating hellhole – or heaven – it is today. This episode focuses its attention squarely on the Songbird, and posits a difficult question: most rescue-the-princess tropes assume that rescuing said princess is a good idea, but what if it’s not? That Songbird might have the right idea after all …

BioShock: Infinite, the latest in the BioShock series, is due on March 26th, 2013, for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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