Almost four months after it was first released, BioShock is receiving its first game patch for both the PC and Xbox 360.

The most notable changes are an option to disable Vita-Chambers and the addition of scaled field-of-view.

Vita-Chambers serve as in-game respawn points for players who “died” combating enemies. Some of the player’s health would be restored and any damage inflicted on foes prior to “death” would persist, allowing one to essentially wail away, rinse and repeat without penalty.

PC gamers, especially, complained this cheapened the horror atmosphere and was a concession to mainstream console owners.

Even more controversial for PC and HDTV owners alike was the lack of proper widescreen support, with the game cutting off vertical edges to “fit” the image in a 16:10 or similar ratio display.

Vista owners will also no longer have to slog through stuttering audio issues or VSync setting woes.


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