Irrational Games’ mystery project could possibly be revealed within weeks.

Irrational Games launched a new website earlier this year through which it has been letting people get to know the company and releasing never-before-seen pieces of its history such as concept art and BioShock‘s pitch document. The only thing Irrational hasn’t told anybody about is its next game, in-development for years and codenamed “Project Icarus”. Come mid-August, this may change.

Irrational sent a preliminary flyer out to Joystiq announcing an event on August 11 in New York City, asking for people to “please save the date.” The details sadly end there, with formal invitations promised soon.

Irrational Games has a lengthy development history reaching back to the critically acclaimed System Shock 2. The studio’s most recent hit was 2007’s BioShock, with reported sales of more than 4 million. Since then, all that has been known about Irrational’s current project is that it’s an unannounced shooter and an original IP. The company did an amazing job with BioShock, a shooter that was an original IP, so I can’t wait to see what the company has in store for us next. We’ll have to wait until August 11 to see if the reveal is what Irrational has planned. If it’s not, I’ll probably cry.

Source: Joystiq

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