BioShock Team Working on “Huge Surprise”


2K Boston lead Ken Levine told Gamestop that post-BioShock, his team is working on an unannounced title that will come as a “huge surprise.”

The full interview is actually pretty interesting. Levine talks about a wide range of subjects, such as his feelings on 2K Marin handling the second BioShock – “[it] wasn’t the right thing for 2K Boston; it was the right thing for 2K Marin.”

Most intriguing, however, is Levine’s tiny and cryptic teaser about his studio’s next project:

2K Boston is focused on our next project, which will probably come as a huge surprise to our audience and yet at the same time will make total sense once they see it. I will say that we’re clicking on all cylinders.

Besides delivering on the narrative experience we’re known for, it will include a type of gameplay that is completely new to us–something the BioShock team has never really explored in depth before. In all areas (art, design, and programming), we spend half our day being totally psyched, and half our day wondering what we’ve gotten ourselves into. We’re kind of humbled by the challenge.

Very, very interesting. Very vague, but also very interesting. As far as art style goes … well, 2K Boston – previously known as Irrational Games – has already tackled cyberpunk with System Shock and, uh, Art-Deco-punk with BioShock, and once upon a time launched the stealth action game with Thief back when Looking Glass was still around. So, they’ve already touched on quite a few genres – where could they be going from here?

I admit, I’m intrigued. Levine and the 2K Boston team have been able to deliver on awesomeness so far. Hopefully whatever they’ll pull out of the bag will follow suit.

Okay, wild mass speculation … GO!

I bet 2K Boston’s new title is going to be a Barbie Horse Adventures sequel.

(Gamestop, via CVG)

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