BioShock Wine Bottles Show Up on eBay


Die-hard BioShock fans may want to turn their attention to eBay, where some of the promotional bottles of Arcadia wine from the fictional Worley Winery are already turning up.

BioShock 2 has been pushed back into 2010 but that doesn’t seem to matter much to the 2K marketing department, which is moving full steam ahead with publicity campaigns. Its most recent effort – a pretty cool one, I have to admit – was to place dozens of bottles from a fictitious winery, each carrying four Rapture-based promotional posters, on ten beaches located throughout the world.

The audience for the promotion was naturally limited by geography but BioShock fans who simply must have this particular piece of memorabilia are in luck – they’re already appearing on eBay. More than a dozen auctions for the Arcadia wine bottles are currently underway and more are almost certain to appear. Most are offering the bottles sealed, although at least one has been opened.

The privilege of owning this stuff doesn’t come cheap, however. Bidding on some of the bottles is already over $100 and it’s a safe bet that the rest will catch up, which likely prices them beyond all but the most dedicated of BioShock fans.

via: VG247

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