BioWare Introduces Dragon Age: Inquisition‘s Vivienne


BioWare follows up on its character kit on Vivienne it released a few weeks ago.

BioWare has already given Dragon Age fans an idea of what Inquisition‘s new character Vivienne is like, but today’s BioWare blog post formally introduces Vivienne as the Madame de Fer.

The “Lady of Iron” is the official enchanter to the Imperial court and a leader among mages. Vivienne is a cunning woman who’s skilled at politics. Others call her a “social climber,” but she does not allow those people or anyone else stand in her way. Despite being a mage, she refuses to join a rebellion with other mages. She fights to bring balance back to the world gone mad.

BioWare’s third character kit, released earlier this month, breaks down Vivienne’s costume for any interested cosplayers hoping to take on Vivienne’s fashion sense – a fashion sense that is very Orlesian. Vivienne dresses neither for comfort nor for purpose. “Leave the stained tunics and rough cloaks to the commoners and their mud farms-a proper Orlesian climbs mountains in her evening gown, standing taller at the summit in her formidable high-heeled shoes,” her character kit reads. Should she wear armor, she believes it should be hidden under fine fabrics, “for steel alone will not protect you from the barbed tongues of Orlais.”

BioWare will release more details about Vivienne this Wednesday. Each month BioWare will provide a look into one of the new followers players will meet. Dragon Age: Inquisition launches this fall.

Source: BioWare

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