BioWare has detailed the rewards it will give players of Facebook’s Dragon Age: Legends.

Leading in to the release of Dragon Age 2, EA 2D is once again working with BioWare to develop a side-game similar to Dragon Age: Origins‘ associated Flash game Dragon Age: Journeys. Playing Facebook’s Dragon Age: Legends will unlock 5 unique items in Dragon Age 2, and BioWare has recently revealed what those items will be.

Three of the items are specifically related to a mythical demon hunter that EA 2D and BioWare created named Evra. Evra’s Might is a solid gold ring shaped like a demon skull that was often used to “punch demons in the face.” Sounds like as good a use as any. Evra’s Trophy Belt was constantly altered over Evra’s demon slaying days to feature trophies of his kills, including teeth and fur. Cool, but a little gross. The Air of Confidence is a ring that doesn’t involve skulls or teeth or hair, but never left Evra’s finger even while he slept. Its properties are a mystery.

The other two items are related to the story of Dragon Age: Journeys and play a part in its eventual extension. The Ivo Family Crest is a diamond-shaped golden amulet that bears the crest of House Ivo, while Dura’s Blue Flame is a silver amulet that includes a large glowing blue sapphire.

Dragon Age: Legends isn’t available to the public yet, but is said to combine the social environment of Facebook with tactical combat. From screenshots that show players shoving their axes into the brains of the Darkspawn, it looks like a Facebook game worth playing. If you’d like to earn these items in Dragon Age 2, visit Dragon Age: Legendswebsite or check it out on Facebook and sign up for the beta.

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