Your messages to BioWare on Facebook and Twitter actually do make a difference.

As if it wasn’t already obvious from the ongoing vote on the female Commander Shepard, Dragon Age producer Fernando Melo says that BioWare puts a lot of stock into player feedback, and uses it to see what it’s getting right and what it’s getting wrong.

Speaking about the latest batch of DLC, Legacy, Melo said that the reaction to the content had been very positive. This, he explained, was something that the team was incredibly happy about, as they hadn’t been sure what the reception would be considering the criticism that surrounded the launch Dragon Age 2. Players had liked especially liked Legacy’s narrative focus, which, he said, would inform and shape future Dragon Age 2 DLC.

He did note that the feedback had not been wholly positive, however; some players had complained about the AI for party members, particularly in the final boss fight. But even the more negative feedback was welcomed, he explained, as it let BioWare know where it needed to improve. He said that BioWare didn’t have any intention to stop improving the Dragon Age games, and that the studio hadn’t yet reached where it wanted to be technology-wise.

When it came to the future of Dragon Age 2, Melo wouldn’t reveal any specifics aside from a new item pack that comes out on August 23rd. He said that BioWare wasn’t done with Hawke just yet, but dodged other questions, like one from Twitter which asked whether Varric would ever be romanceable.

One thing he would reveal, however, is that BioWare didn’t have any plans at the moment to make follower specific DLC, as it did with Dragon Age: Origins. He said that while content like Leliana’s Song and Witch Hunt had done pretty well, players had expressed a desire to continue the main story of Origins. This was something that BioWare had kept in mind when designing the DLC for Dragon Age 2, he said, and had taken care to make it seem like a natural extension of the story.

It’s always exciting when a developer pays so much attention to its fans, especially one as successful as BioWare. Of course, this also suggests that if you too want to get intimate with Varric, then you should let BioWare know about it as soon as possible.

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