BioWare Reveals Free Firewalker DLC for Mass Effect 2


BioWare has taken the wraps off the Firewalker Pack, a new DLC bundle for Mass Effect 2 that will be free to all members of the Cerberus Network.

The new DLC will feature the Hammerhead, a hovercraft assault vehicle with a top speed of 120 kilometers per hour and a guided missile system that will track targets even during hard maneuvers. And what use is an assault vehicle without something to assault? BioWare’s got it covered: The pack will include five brand new missions built around the Hammerhead, giving gamers plenty of stuff to blow up real good.

The Firewalker Pack will be free to all members of the Cerberus Network, which is to say, anyone who bought Mass Effect 2 brand new and used the one-shot Cerberus Network access card that came with it. Second-hand buyers will have to drop 15 bucks for the Cerberus Network in order to access it, along with all the other Cerberus goodies like the Cerberus assault armor and Zaeed Massani character.

BioWare is also planning to unveil a new heavy weapon that will be available to Cerberus Network members later this month. The Firewalker Pack DLC is currently set for release in late March.

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