There’s not much to go on, but BioWare has dropped a pretty strong hint that “something cool” is going to happen on the Dragon Age: Origins website on Thursday.

A cryptic message popped up earlier this evening on the official BioWare Twitter feed: “If I was a fan of Dragon Age: Origins, I’d be keeping my eyes on the Dragon Age website tomorrow. Just saying.” A nearly identical message was posted on the official Dragon Age Facebook page.

What could it be? We don’t know, of course, which is what makes it interesting. New DLC perhaps? The announcement of a sequel? Another ridiculously ill-conceived music video? (Hopefully it’s not that.)

Since there’s absolutely zero indication of what the studio has up its sleeve, I’m going to fish around on my wish list for ideas and let me tell you, I’m wishing for a patch that increases the maximum party size to six. Seriously, guys, four just isn’t cutting it; we had six in Baldur’s Gate and I’d sure like to be able to cram a couple more swords onto Team Malygris in Dragon Age, too.

(Yeah, it’ll probably be more DLC.)

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