BioWare Unveils First Paid DLC for Mass Effect 2

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BioWare has unveiled Kasumi’s Stolen Memory, the first paid DLC pack for Mass Effect 2, which will add a new character, new mission and other goodies to the game.

The DLC pack will give players access to the character of Kasumi, a “confident female thief” currently spending her time on the Citadel. Once she’s joined the team, Shepard will be able to help her out with a secret mission involving a corrupt but influential art dealer. Kasumi can be picked up at any point during the game or even after the completion of the main quest, and her mission will take about an hour and a half to wrap up. The DLC update will also include the Locust SMG, a new flash-bang grenade loyalty power and a new Achievement.

So, speculation: Will she be built like a brick shithouse? Will she be tragically damaged and vulnerable beneath her tough, confident exterior? Will Shepard help heal her wounds and eventually charm his way into her heart, and into another hilariously awkward, overwrought sex scene? All signs, as they say, point to yes.

Pricing for Kasumi’s Stolen Memory hasn’t been set, but the DLC pack is currently slated for release on April 6 for both the PC and Xbox 360.

Source: Joystiq

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