Bioware’s New IP is Shared-World Action-RPG Anthem


The long-awaited new Bioware IP has been revealed, and it’s a multiplayer, share-world action RPG named Anthem.

When it was announced last month that the new Bioware IP had been delayed to EA’s 2019 fiscal year, some wondered when we’d finally get a look at the game. If your money was on E3 2017, then you’re a winner. Bioware announced Anthem during EA’s press conference yesterday.

Described as a “shared-world action-RPG,” Anthem drops players into a world where they are Freelancers – the only ones brave enough to go “outside the wall” and explore the wilds.

You’ll equip a variety of “Javelin” exosuits, each with a particular specialty. For example, the video above shows off the balanced Ranger suit and the tanking-focused Colossus suit. As you play, you can loot weapons and crafting materials to improve your suits.

Your friends will be able to join with you on your adventures seamlessly, and you can tackle in-game events like the Shaper Storm seen in the trailer above.

Anthem is planned to launch in Fall 2018, but Bioware has yet to confirm which platforms the game will release on.

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