BioWare releases the first trailer for Mass Effect: Paragon Lost Anime, where “nothing is ever simple.”

Mass Effect: Paragon Lost, the anime prequel to Mass Effect 3, released its first trailer at San Diego Comic Con. The anime, created by Ghost in the Shell studio Production I.G., tells the story of James Vega’s battle against the insectoid Collectors. He and his special forces buddies – or “ladies”, apparently – have to protect a remote star system from invading aliens.

“Every time man explores the unknown,” the narrator grates, “he ends up in a war with whatever he finds.” So, not much time for introspection here; it’s much cocking of shotguns and big bangs, from the same brain that gave us Star Wars: The Clone Wars. In the Mass Effect universe, the narrator reminds us, “nothing is ever simple,” but nothing about the plot revealed in the trailer looks particularly complex either.

The anime is scheduled for a summer 2012 release.

Source: Eurogamer

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