BioWare’s New Secret IP Revealed On A T-Shirt at GDC


BioWare’s senior director of creative development wore a T-shirt to GDC last week with the company’s new top-secret IP emblazoned on it. No one noticed.

BioWare has announced the name of its new IP that it has kept close to the vest since E3 2014. Unfortunately, no one picked up on it.

Senior Director of Creative Development Alistair McNally tweeted that he wore the shirt to see if anyone would notice the visual hint, but as happens quite often in today’s hectic world, the detail was lost on the masses. Now, somewhat after the fact, folks on the BioWare forums are scrambling to find pictures of McNally from the trade show.

The game was teased in an E3 2014 video about the next Mass Effect game, Andromeda (which was recently delayed to early 2017). In the video, it was revealed that BioWare Edmonton is developing it, and that the studio wants to tell “very contemporary stories” in a world “as big as and imaginative” as the studio’s previous work. The “clean-sheet design” allows BioWare to try “to build a fictional world that feels real,” the video said.

If you find any picture of McNally, let us know. The IP image on the shirt (if there was one) could look like some of these concept images below.

Source: IGN

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