Black Myth: WuKong Unreal Engine 5 trailer UE5

Black Myth: WuKong continues to impress in its latest trailer, a 12-minute epic showcasing the game’s switch to Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) technology, supported by NVIDIA’s DLSS rendering tech, which shines through in the details. The real-time snow deformation is a particularly nice touch, but there’s plenty of other eye candy to drool over, including generous use of particle effects for both environmental ambience and to heighten the spectacle of combat. All the footage on display was captured in real time in UE5. Previously, the game ran on Unreal Engine 4.

Beyond the UE5 lavishness, the Black Myth: WuKong trailer gives us another long look at the action-based gameplay, centered around two boss battles, the first being a monkey and the second a dragon. In terms of the combat, there’s little we haven’t already seen, though a broad array of inventive-looking enemies get a glimpse towards the end. We do, however, get brief snippets that seem to indicate we will be able to change the protagonist’s form.

Black Myth: WuKong is based on the Chinese classic Journey to the West and developed by Chinese studio Game Science. It first captured the public’s attention in August last year. The game currently lacks a release window, though the developers hope to release it on PC, consoles, and suitable cloud-based platforms if possible.

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