Marvel and Madhouse have finally released a teaser for the Blade anime for fans to sink their teeth into.

Marvel’s made a rather aggressive move into the anime market over the past year, generating a lot of buzz on the Web as various trailers have been released. The X-Men teaser certainly looked promising, and Madhouse has been steadily unveiling other action-friendly trailers for projects like Iron Man and Wolverine. Finally, the last of Madhouse and Marvel’s ventures is seeing the light of day: The teaser for the Blade anime has finally surfaced and it looks suitably bloody.

The trailer is pretty short, though it looks like the art direction is mirroring the style of recent comics instead of the Wesley Snipes films. It’s hard to tell what the anime will be about (other than Blade beating the bloody snot out of a bunch of vampires, but Comics Alliance has some concept art showing off Blade, Deacon Frost, and a couple of other supporting characters.

Blade has been a popular character for Marvel when it comes to media adaptation. There were two popular movies (both the first and second are still some of my favorite vampire flicks) and one reviled film (seriously, don’t bother), followed by a TV series that was met with deafening shrugs of indifference and canceled after twelve episodes. Honestly, that’s a shame, because Blade has always been one of those characters that’s been great to read/watch when Marvel lets someone competent handle the IP.

No official release date for North America (or even an English dub) of the film has been announced. That said, the movie is due out in Japan come July 1st.

Source: Topless Robot

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