Blade Will Meet His Daughter in New Marvel Comic

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Blade: The Hunter will introduce Fallon Grey, the 16-year old daughter of Marvel’s favorite vampire hunter.

When I picture the character of Blade, the first thing that comes to mind is Wesley Snipes. Sue me, I haven’t read much of Blade in actual comics. That being the case, Marvel Comics has revealed today that it has plans to give comic readers like me a new chance to acquaint themselves with its resident vampire hunter, as well as his newly discovered teenage daughter.

Said chance will come by way of a new comic series dubbed Blade: The Hunter. Beginning this October, the new series by writer Tim Seeley and artist Logan Faerber will focus in on the tale of Fallon Grey, a 16-year old girl who also happens to be Blade’s long lost daughter. According to Seeley, the idea to focus on Blade’s daughter stemmed from Marvel’s desire to help give the character more depth and explore different facets of who he is. “I decided Blade needed something to care about,” he said. “He can’t go on just to stab vampires in their heads anymore. It’s not fulfilling. His rage and hate is subsiding as he gets older. And that’s when Fallon Grey comes along!”

Fallon herself will be an “anti-Peter Parker” who, prior to the series’ beginning, was the popular girl in school. “She’s well-liked and it seems like the world is her oyster,” Seeley explained. “But, the expectations that come with being so damn perfect are starting to break her down, and that’s before she learns she’s the heir to a Daywalking-Monster-Stabbing-Empire.” This set-up will lead to a father-daughter team-up that will initially focus on the two getting to know each other before throwing into battle together against a mysterious new villain: Black Genus.

All in all, it definitely sounds like an interesting expansion of Blade’s character. Whether or not it will be a hit with fans however, is something we’ll have to wait and see

Source: Marvel

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