Haenir Studio reveals the impressive pre-alpha gameplay trailer for Blight: Survival, a co-op action-horror roguelite headed to PC.

Blight: Survival Reveals Co-op Medieval Roguelite Gameplay with Gruesome Combat

Indie developer Haenir Studio’s Blight: Survival is a co-op action-horror roguelite set in an alternate 14th century, and it looks like it was made by a AAA studio. Haenir debuted a five-minute Blight: Survival gameplay video today that is dripping with atmosphere and crushing executions. There is no doubt that, while its war-torn settings are visually depressing, each slice and animation looks lovingly crafted, making this one of the most impressive indie projects we’ve seen in some time. It’s only set to come to PC for now and can be played solo or with up to three friends. See the pre-alpha gameplay in the Blight: Survival trailer below.

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You might have noticed that this medieval combat roguelite has a few more zombies in it than real-world history might remember. That’s because the world of Blight: Survival is plagued with, well, a blight that is affecting a world already torn apart by war. Players find themselves in the middle of this conflict, armed with weapons and armor that can be customized to fit each unique play style. Haenir promises a huge map with secrets to discover, too. You can read more about the world of Blight: Survival below:

Blight: Survival is a 4-player co-op action-horror roguelite set in the unforgiving no man’s land between two desperate states at a ceaseless war. Within this purgatory, a new strain of Blight has sprung from remains of the dead. Strengthened by the blood that has been spilled, it rapidly spreads – turning man into monster. As the nations bleed, chastened and paralyzed by war they call upon you, and your kin, with offerings of coin. Being the only ones willing – and capable – you’ve been tasked to venture in and raze the all-consuming Blight.

Blight: Survival has no release window yet. Stay tuned for updates as we wait for Haenir to share more.

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