Blitz Games Vies for Virtual Experience Market


Blitz Games acquires Virtual Experience Company to expand into new businesses.

Blitz Games, of Burger King fame, enters the virtual world market by acquiring the Virtual Experience Company, specialists real-time virtual tours designed to enable potential visitors with impaired mobility to visit locations from the comfort of their computer. The Virtual Experience Company will work with museums, galleries and other cultural organisations to digitize their events and make them virtually accessible. An exhibition at the Museums on the Web Conference in San Francisco this month will be the first public display of new projects from the Virtual Experience Company since the merger.

Mike Gogan, founder of the Virtual Experience Company, sees the merger as a fit combination of techonology and interactive companies. “This partnership brings the fantastic visuals and engaging, interactive and multi-player gameplay you get with video games to sectors that are increasingly interested in connecting with a digitally enabled generation. We’ve always been at the leading edge of applying new technology in areas where it can make a difference and this initiative opens up really exciting possibilities.”

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