Blizzard is bringing a custom server browser and a permanent Capture the Flag mode, as well as major custom game changes, to Overwatch in the near future.

A couple of weeks back, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan talked about the Capture the Flag mode Blizzard had added to the popular shooter in its “Year of the Rooster” event. He said that there were a number of challenges inherent in creating the mode, and that it wasn’t planned to be permanent. But you can toss that out the window now, because Blizzard is bringing the CTF mode to the game permanently in the next update.

The announcement came in a new developer update video that you an watch below. Not only will the mode be added as a custom game mode in the next patch, but the Overwatch team has revamped nine King of the Hill maps for CTF.

In fact, it sounds like the whole next patch will be focused around custom games. The server browser that was announced at Blizzcon is also coming in the next patch, and with it will be the ability to tweak options in the games you set up. For example, you’ll be able to change the pickup time for the flag in CTF, cause the flag to drop when an evade ability is used, or require both flags in your base for a capture. You’ll also be able to adjust settings in other modes as well, with Kaplan specifically mentioning a mode with Widowmaker’s grappling hook refreshing quickly, allowing you to pretend to be Spider-Man. Kaplan also mentioned making a mode with a triple-health Roadhog taking on a team of six players, as a sort of “Boss Fight” mode. You can even make the payload move faster, assuming anyone pushes the damn thing.

Another big change is that custom games will now award experience, just like Quick Play, Arcade, and Competitive do. The previously reported Bastion buffs will be in this patch, as well as a small tweak to Mercy that makes her invulnerable for a brief period after using her resurrect ultimate.

All of these changes are now available on the Overwatch PTR, which means we’ll probably see them make their way over to the live game in the next few weeks.

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