Blizzard Admits that Titan Is Real


Leaked documents revealed Blizzard’s next big MMO project to the media ahead of schedule.

It may have started as a single word in a leaked document of questionable veracity, but Blizzard has confirmed that Titan is real and is something that the studio is currently working on.

Speaking at the Spike Videogame Awards, Blizzard VP and World of Warcraft executive producer Frank Pierce said that Titan was Blizzard’s next-gen MMO. The media wasn’t supposed to know anything about it though, Pierce said, as Blizzard was only talking about it to potential new recruits.

Pierce didn’t go into any more detail about the game, so we can only speculate about what it might be. Rumors circulated at the start of the year that Blizzard’s next MMO would be a futuristic first person shooter, but with literally nothing to go on other than the name – which may be just a code name – it’s impossible to say with any degree of certainty.

Other details on the list, which now seems a heck of a lot more solid, include the release window for Diablo 3 – Q4 2011 – as well as the next two World of Warcraft expansions – Q2 2012 and Q4 2014. Blizzard likes to take its time with its games however, so even if the dates are genuine, they’re likely just genuine projections and certainly won’t be set in stone.

Source: Destructoid

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