Three teases in one week.

Last week, Blizzard posted an in-game interview with child genius Efi Oladele, an 11-year-old Numbani girl who is apparently building the next Overwatch hero. Oladele received a “genius grant” for her work “in robotics and artificial intelligence,” and stated that her dream is “to build something that can keep us safe.”

Since last week, Blizzard has dropped a couple more hints about the next hero, which apparently will probably not be Doomfist. On Friday, the official Overwatch Twitter account shared a Breaking report, that an attack at the Numbani airport left OR15 defense units destroyed by an “unidentified assailant.”

The latest tease comes in the form of another tweet from the official account, this time sharing a list of items that Efi needs to “get to work.” You can check that out below.

As you can see, the image includes the need for an OR15 chassis, and the OR15s happen to be what was destroyed in the Numbani airport. There’s a lot to speculate about, and considering we’ve gotten three teases in one week, it’s safe to assume we don’t have much longer to wait before the next hero is revealed.

In other Overwatch news, Season 4 of the game’s Competitive Play kicks off tonight at 7pm ET.

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