To celebrate the launch of its very, very long-awaited StarCraft II next week, developer Blizzard is going to be holding special launch parties in seven cities around the world – and you’re invited to come.

It almost feels slightly surreal to think about it, but StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is actually coming out next week – next Tuesday, to be precise. This is a title that people have been waiting for for twelve long years – a sequel to one of the most beloved games ever made. Did we ever think this day would truly come?

High school melodramatics aside, StarCraft II hits shelves next week and Blizzard is celebrating the release of its first non-Warcraft game in just over ten years in a big way. The PC developer will be staging launch events in seven locations around the world with tournaments, door prizes and members of the SC2 development team in attendance.

While the “main” event is in Fountain Valley, California – near Blizzard’s Irvine-based HQ, naturally – there will also be events around the globe. So don’t fret if you’re one of the many StarCraft fans who happens to live somewhere outside of south California. There will be parties held in:


It’s surprising to see that there’s no launch event in Seoul given the game’s popularity in South Korea, but then again, the South Koreans probably know everything there is to know about StarCraft II already.

Naturally, stores like GameStop and Best Buy will be doing their own midnight launches for everyone else, but if you’re in the neighborhood of one of these events you might want to make the effort to drop by. After all, this sort of thing only happens what, every twelve years?

Hey Susan, if you’re reading this, I think I’m going to need to take next Tuesday off. It looks like I’m coming down with a horrible case of Pylonitis.

Update: Reader Cougies let us know that we missed one in Brisbane, Australia. Have fun getting Zerg rushed, Aussies!


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