If you weren’t already excited for next week’s StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, this trailer might go a long way in changing your mind. Stop reading this and watch it right this instant.

So, I really, really wasn’t intending on writing anything more about SC2 until the game was actually out, but then I saw this: Blizzard has been running a small viral promotion on the StarCraft II site asking gamers to join the Terran Dominion, and every would-be commander that joined and took the “Which unit are you?” quiz added another tally to the pile.

As more and more gamers signed up, Blizzard released more SC2 goodies – concept art, propaganda posters, even audio logs – but for the most part, it was stuff that was “pretty cool, but not worth going crazy for.” It seems that the developer was saving the best for last, though: At 100%, Blizzard released the above launch trailer, “Ghosts of the Past.” And boy, was it worth the wait.

Without giving too much away, I’ll just say that the trailer covers both the series’ past – Mengsk’s betrayal of Kerrigan in the first game – and events to come in the upcoming sequel. Jim Raynor is a broken man, but even down-and-out heroes can find something worth fighting for.

Yes, I’m a huge StarCraft fan so my opinion is biased. But cheesy dialogue aside – and it’s the good cheesy, even – this trailer is just cool, and it just goes to show that even the standard SC2 game-engine cinematics will probably look almost as good as Blizzard’s legendary pre-rendered clips. This is some stellar stuff, guys – holy crap. The game is actually coming out, and this trailer only makes the six-day wait that much harder.

Maybe if I cryogenically freeze myself I’ll be able to get to one of the midnight launch events sooner.

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