Diablo 3 Class Design Panel

The Wizard

The first thing right off the bat was the revelation of the Wizard as the next class for D3. She comes hot on the heels of the Barbarian and the Witch Doctor but she can deliver an elemental punch beyond all expectations.

“We have our finger on the pulse of the Diablo community and we know one thing above all others: They want things to blow up.”

WoW Class Discussion Panel

To begin with, [Street] asked three questions, all of which received roars of varying volume – “Who thinks their class is overpowered?” “Who thinks there are overpowered classes?” “Who thinks their class is the worst in the game?”

In response, he admitted, “You just learned more about class design than from anything I could say here.”

Diablo 3 Game Design Panel

Just because a man designs games for a living doesn’t mean his family shares his enthusiasm. Wilson let loose with a story about his wife and her, shall we say, lack of gaming prowess. However, “even she” could play Diablo 3. Wilson’s words were, “If you can click a mouse, you can play D3.”

Following in the grand tradition of the series, D3 will bring isometric game play, a deep gaming experience and a smooth difficulty curve back to fans. It’s supposed to be easy on normal. And take heart: Nightmare, Hell and Hardcore will be returning as well.

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