The only thing possibly more dangerous than the huge, home-made machete-firing slingshot in this video is the huge, bald German guy with the sinister laugh who actually made the thing.

Meet Jörg Sprave. Mr. Sprave has a taste for weapons, specifically slingshots. You might think to yourself, oh, slingshots, I used to play with those when I was a little boy. And maybe you did, but you sure didn’t play with anything like this.

Feast your eyes on the “Machete Slingshot,” an eight-foot-long contraption that actually looks more like a crossbow. But how it looks is less important than what it does, and what it does is fire full-size freakin’ machetes at dangerously high velocities.

Notice that gash on his arm? That’s the result of a “misfire,” he explains. “I was actually lucky I was wearing a face mask, but anyway, that happened, so don’t do this at home,” he says, appearing not too terribly bothered by the raw, gaping wound. Then he fires a machete into a target and pulls it out with a psychotic chuckle worthy of any Hollywood movie villain.

The Machete Slingshot is an upgrade of Sprave’s 2009 design, the “Arrow Slingshot,” which is only good for killing man-sized or smaller creatures.

Source: Best Week Ever

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