Observer, Bloober Team, Bladerunner

Bloober Team, the studio behind 2017’s cyberpunk horror game Observer, is teasing a sequel. The developer, which is also responsible for last year’s Blair Witch game and Layers of Fear, tweeted out a 30-second glitchy teaser video with some enigmatic text, a familiar logo, and the words “incoming call.” Purely going off of the aesthetic of the clip, it seems the team is hinting at an Observer sequel, but if that isn’t enough, the hashtags include “cyberpunk” and “horror.”

You can see the teaser in the tweet below.

One keen-eyed fan noticed some binary in the video and quickly translated it. The message roughly translates to, “Daniel, are you there?” The first game’s protagonist goes by the name Daniel Lazarski, suggesting that, if this next title isn’t a direct sequel, Bloober Team will at least revisit the Observer universe in some capacity.

The original game follows Lazarski, a detective with the ability to hack the minds of others, through a futuristic Poland. Players embark on a Blade Runner-inspired journey filled with psychological horror elements after receiving a strange call from Lazarski’s son, Adam.

Observer’s lead was originally played by late Blade Runner star Rutger Hauer who passed away in July of 2019.

Observer released in 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and later came to Nintendo Switch last year.

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