Bloodborne Patch Makes Joining Friends In Multiplayer Easier


Update smooths out several rough edges.

From Software’s PlayStation 4 exclusive, Bloodborne, has received wide acclaim. Yet nothing is perfect, and a new patch issued today makes a number of subtle adjustments along with a few notable improvements, including removal of a matchmaking restriction which prevented some players from being able to play together conveniently.

Following the patch to version 1.04, players who use the password matching feature (which limits the user base players can connect with to others using the same password) no longer have to be within a limited range of experience levels to play together. This capability even extends to hostile oaths, allowing imbalanced PVP opportunities for players who want to test their skills with uneven odds.

Changes have also been made to the shops in the Hunter’s Dream. The Insight store, where the items necessary to engage in multiplayer are sold, now opens when the player receives their first point of Insight (rather than at ten points), remains open permanently, and will sell Short Ritual Root Chalices and Blood Stone Chunks when certain conditions are met.

Other adjustments in the patch include increasing the rewards for Chalice Dungeons, an increase in the maximum number of Blood Vials and Quicksilver Bullets that can be kept in storage (from 99 to 600), and changes to the Beasthood ability which increase its duration and attack. A couple of the larger weapons, Kirkhammer and Logarius’ Wheel, have seen their stamina costs reduced, while several other armaments see decreased cost in ammunition, and some enemies have had balance changes in their resistances and vulnerabilities.

The version 1.04 patch for Bloodborne is available to download from PlayStation Network now.

Source: Reddit, Dualshockers

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