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Bloodborne Remaster Rumors Grow Stronger for PC and PlayStation 5

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Bloodborne may come to PC and PlayStation 5 in the future if recent rumors are to be believed. Twitter user CaseyExplosion states that a port is in fact in the works, saying she obtained the information from a reliable source after offering a $100 donation to charity in return. She says that someone she trusts gave her the details, which includes that the rumored port will be an upgraded version of Bloodborne. Additionally, the port was supposedly set to be revealed for both the PlayStation 5 and PC yesterday before Sony pushed back its games-focused presentation.

YouTube channel PC Gaming Inquisition has added more fuel to the Bloodborne fire with a new video. Per his trusted sources, channel owner Ales claims Bluepoint Games and QLOC are the developers working on the project and adds that the PC version will have better textures, models, loading times, and “other quality-of-life improvements.”

It is further claimed the game has been actively tested on Steam within the past few months, though whether or not the game is coming to other PC storefronts is unclear. High frame rates, 4K and ultrawide resolutions, and Xbox controller support are also listed as new inclusions in the PC port. The video refers to a few gameplay details that are still up in the air, such as online support at launch and cross-play.

PC Gaming Inquisition says that other exclusive PlayStation 4 games are coming to PC following the announcement of the Horizon Zero Dawn port. As a final stinger, the video ends by adding that a Demon’s Souls remake will be announced at the end of the rescheduled PlayStation 5 presentation. The YouTuber admits multiple times that he “can’t provide any proof” and doesn’t have a proven track record yet, so it’s best to take the video’s contents with a grain of salt for now.

Via DSOGaming, ResetEra moderator Jawmuncher added that they have heard of an upgraded Bloodborne PC and PlayStation 5 port, too. So while Sony has yet to officially speak on the game’s existence, evidence is mounting that we’ll hear something in the near future.

Sony has worked with Bluepoint Games with the PlayStation 4 version of Shadow of the Colossus and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, both of which received high praise from critics. Bluepoint has been teasing something new for the last few months, and Bloodborne would line up with that.

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