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Blue Dragon: Xbox’s Failed Attempt to Win Japan – Lost in Time


In this episode of Lost in Time, The Escapist’s Colin Munch breaks down the history of the Xbox 360’s attempt to get their own Final Fantasy.

Quick, name a modern turn-based Japanese RPG with charming characters created by the guy who invented Dragon Ball. If you said “Dragon Quest,” you’re not only wrong, you didn’t even read the title of this video! Come on, curate your feed!

Blue Dragon was released in late 2006 in Japan and in the summer of 2007 in North America and Europe, exclusively on the Xbox 360. It was planned from the beginning to correct a big gap in the original Xbox library: games that appealed to the Japanese market.

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Colin Munch
Colin has been writing online about storytelling in movies, TV, and video games since 2017. He is an actor, screenwriter, and director with over twenty years of experience making and telling stories on stage, on the page, and on film. For The Escapist, he writes the Storycraft column about, you guessed it, storytelling in movies and video games.