If you’re going to make music out of old hardware, there’s rarely a better tune to go for than Queen’s Magnum opus.

Re-creating the head bangers’ favorite from Wayne’s World was not an easy task, and the harmony does slip at the end a little, but it’s still a true work of art.

The main band is provided by HP ScanJet 3C taking over the ripped shirt of Freddie Mercury, the Texas Instrument TI-99/4a replacing Brian May, bass provided by a 8 inch floppy disk instead of Jon Deacon, and a 3.5 inch disk drive providing Roger Taylor’s percussion. Incidental organ and piano are the remit of an Anatri 800XL.

Canadian YouTuber bd594 has also written Star Wars for the disk drives as well as producing a gingerbread borg?!?

While watching this one though, I almost worked some lyrics out, Weird Al style, does anyone care to finish them?

“Scanner, completed scan.
Got a disk drive out on drums,
Anatri organ, here it comes,
Scanner, Anatri just begun,
And now TI will boot and start to play…”

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