Body Armor Beats Point Blank Car Bomb Blast


If a terrorist bomb detonated two feet from your face what would you do? If you answered, “die horribly,” you’re obviously not a Thai bomb defusal technician.

In the spirit of the holiday, I present: explosions! Specifically, an explosion in Thailand that may or may yes have given me a new personal hero.

Admittedly, this story is a bit outside of The Escapist’s normal purview, but as any physics geeks can attest, this video of a bomb tech in the Thai province of Narathiwat catching a car bomb blast to the head, and walking away is just amazing.

This blast was the latest in a series of terrorist bombings throughout the region that have left 2 dead and 13 wounded. The tech in question was attempting to disable the explosive device when, it is assumed, a second device activated, nearly fileting the car it was in.

Lest you think I’m promoting some Looney Tunesian “violence doesn’t hurt” agenda, I will note that the blast wasn’t exactly harmless. Seven Thai police officers standing a dozen yards away were injured by the explosion and the bomb tech himself suffered unspecified injuries.

That said, he survived a car bomb detonating in his face. I would be tempted to ascribe it all to the kinetic dampening powers of his thick body armor, but I think that would be a bit dismissive to the peoples of Thailand. Their idea of “sport” is kneeing a guy in the face until his jaw explodes.

I don’t want to sound unpatriotic, but fat guys whacking a ball with a wooden stick just doesn’t breed the same level of inherent badass.


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