The Barrie Police Department says hunters have found a body that may be that of 15-year-old Brandon Crisp, the teenager who went missing in October following an argument over his “excessive” gaming.

The body is that of a teenage male, according to police Sergeant Dave Goodbrand. The identity has not yet been confirmed, but according to a CBC report it was found in the area police had been focusing search efforts on since the boy’s disappearance. An autopsy will be performed to determine whether the body is in fact that of Brandon Crisp.

“At this point we believe it to be Brandon, and we’re still obviously in the early stages of our investigation,” Goodbrand told CTV. “It’s not confirmed because nothing’s confirmed until we have pathology, but we believe it to be Brandon.” He added that investigators had contacted the teenager’s parents, who were left “distraught” by the news. Crisp ran away from home on October 13 after his parents took away his Xbox 360 due to his “obsession” with Call of Duty 4.

We’ll continue to monitor the story and post updates as they become available.

UPDATE: An autopsy has confirmed that the body discovered by hunters is in fact that of Brandon Crisp. The final results of the autopsy are not yet known, but police are continuing to say that foul play is not suspected. The staff of The Escapist extend its deepest condolences to Brandon’s family.

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