The new season of Star Trek Online has a slew of new content, but its biggest addition is the new races for players to go to war with.

Cryptic Studios’ new trailer for the “Season Two: Ancient Enemies” content update to Star Trek Online has hit the Web, giving players a look at what they can expect to see added to the space-oriented MMOG. Unsurprisingly, the game is set to feature new places to boldly go, and new races and new civilizations to meet and do mighty battle with.

What races qualify as “ancient enemies”, anyway? No names are dropped, but one species looks like they’re suffering from World of Warcraft envy thanks to their orc-like tusks, spiky shoulders, and chain-wrapped arms. The other race looks even more out of place, since they seem to be floating demonic torsos that can fly through space without the aid of a starship and … uh … hang around menacingly while they watch laser battles between different factions, I guess.

Season Two actually contains a huge amount of new content, aside from new enemy species. You can see a full list on the game’s official site, but highlights include an increased level cap, new ranks, missions into fluid space to learn more about the Undine (AKA “Species 8472“), and the introduction of minigames to the MMOG.

Source: Joystiq

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