Bone Films Snag New Director And Writer


Warner Bros. finally has a director attached to Bone, but the dude’s track record may leave some fans concerned.

Jeff Smith’s comic opus Bone has had a movie adaptation in development by Warner Bros. since 2008. It’s seemed like the film’s been languishing in Development Hell for a while, but the production company has revealed that it’s got a new writer and director on board to bring the project to fruition.

Heat Vision is reporting that Patrick Sean Smith (best known as the creator of popular TV series Greek) has been brought in to work on the screenplay. He’ll reportedly be working on an earlier draft written by Justin Monjo (famous for his work on Farscape). Meanwhile, P.J. Hogan has also been attached to direct.

Now, Hogan may not sound immediately familiar to you, but he’s an interesting choice based on his track record. The man directed Muriel’s Wedding and 2003’s Peter Pan, so he clearly knows how to make decent films (though, let’s be honest, nobody can make the “I do believe in fairies” scene good). However, Hogan also made Confessions of a Shopaholic back in 2009, which was pretty much hated by everybody. So, there’s that.

The Bone film is set to be the first part of a trilogy, with the first entry arriving in 2013 or 2014 (“at the earliest”). The current plans call for it to be a CGI movie animated by the same studio that made Happy Feet, and Jeff Smith has gone on record saying he’d seen test footage last summer (which reportedly blew him away).

Of course, the movie is planned for a 3D release.

Source: Heat Vision via Screen Rant

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