BONK! TF2‘s Scout Update Next Week


Team Fortress 2‘s skull-and-wise-cracking Scout will be joining the Medic, Pyro, and Heavy next week on Tuesday, February 24th as the fourth class to get an overhaul – with Valve teasing fans by slowly unveiling the update over the next few days.

Who doesn’t love the Scout? Well, maybe the Heavy, but that’s only because the damned Bostonian keeps stealing his Sandviches. For those of you who prefer the fragile, double-jumping speedster, the official TF2 site will be worth keeping an eye on over the next week.

The first update is already there: the Scout can trade in his trusty aluminum baseball bat for the Sandman, a melee weapon with a ranged stun attack – but the tradeoff for wielding this bat is that the Scout can no longer use his trademark double-jump.

Personally, I don’t think I’ll be using the Sandman if only because it’s made out of wood, and wood doesn’t make nearly as satisfying a sound effect when you hit someone with it as aluminum does.

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