Live in Boston, Massachusetts? Worried about the cannibalistic undead? Worry no longer – Boston’s Finest have promised to notify civilians in the event of a zombie outbreak.

Really, I’m not sure exactly what to say about this one. Like so many other wonderfully strange things these days, it started via Twitter. The official Boston PD Twitter posted a notification about an injured officer:

Boston_Police: INJURED OFFICER: Officer from district 4 transported to Beth Israel Hospital, human bite to arm, suspect in custody.

Catching the phrase “human bite,” fellow Twit willcady thoughtfully inquired:

willcady: @Boston_Police if that was a zombie bite, would you tell us?

Boston_Police: @willcady Yes, absolutely

Well, there we have it, folks. We here at The Escapist salute the brave men and women of the Boston Police Department in their tireless quest to protect, serve, and inform the citizens about dangerous zombie attacks.

(Dumb as a Blog, via Gamepolitics)

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