The father of a nine-year-old boy who brought a gun and bullets to school says the videogames are going in the garbage.

A nine-year-old Florida boy has been sentenced to “home confinement” after being caught with a handgun, a magazine with six rounds, a steak knife and a small sledgehammer. School officials say they discovered the weapons after the boy showed them to three other students, who immediately reported it.

Speaking to WFTV News, the boy’s father described him as a “good” and “caring” child, and pointed the finger of blame in the usual direction – but not at the usual games. He said his son brought the weapons to school to emulate “the zombie-slaying game” Minecraft, which he played “every day, for about an hour,” and that as a result of the incident, “all those games are going in the garbage.”

The good news for all involved is that even if the boy had wanted to go on a shooting spree, he couldn’t have done so because, according to the father, the firing pin had been removed from the weapon. Even so, the gun is also “out,” although the report isn’t clear about whether that means it will be removed from the home or just not left lying around in quite so accessible a location. Either way, it’s fortunate that nobody was hurt, and sadly predictable that videogames – and not, you know, wildly irresponsible parenting – would be given the bulk of the blame.

Source: WFTV.com

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