Braid artist David Hellman has released a huge amount of the art assets that he created for Braid, including level backgrounds, character animation stacks and more.

If you’ve ever seen what Braid looked like before artist David Hellman got his hands on it, you’ll know that his contribution to the game’s unique aesthetic was one of the key factors in making that game as special as it was. Before Hellman set to work adding his painterly touch to Braid, well, it didn’t look too hot (no offense, Mr. Blow).

Now Hellman’s giving Braid fans the opportunity to go hands-on with his art itself. “Since Braid‘s release, we’ve been more than entertained by the creative initiative of fans (in the forms of papercraft and comics, for example),” Hellman wrote. “This being Web 2.0 and all, we thought we’d throw some more material out there for people to use as they like.”

And here it is, the Braid art archive in all its glory. Hellman’s been exceedingly generous here, releasing everything from assorted icons to animated gifs of characters, all in high quality PNG format and compiled conveniently in zip files for download.

Highlights include the complete animations stacks for every character with every frame of animation included, every level icon from the game (remember those cryptic little picture hints at the beginning of every stage?) a huge resolution file of the city panorama from the game’s opening, and level backgrounds for every world.

You can download all of this and just gawk at it whenever you want, but why not get creative? If you know how to copy and paste things in Photoshop, making your own Braid webcomic is only a few clicks away. Just don’t get nasty with the dinosaur.


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